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General rules of this journal:

I will not friend anyone back unless they comment on this (or some other) entry with a request.

All fic posts will remain public. All private posts are friendslocked for the time being.

All my fic can be found here.

If I don't get back to any comments or questions in timely fashion, please consider that I'm on GMT time, in addition to being a university student with a full schedule.

I'm all for meeting new friends, so please comment if you want to friend me.


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Okay folks.

There has just been a friends cut. If you are reading this in the first place, chances are that you have nothing to worry about.

My deletion criteria was basically to delete journals that haven't made a post in over a year, plus people I must confess I simply had no idea who were. Some of those were probably reading journals - if anybody was seriously enjoying my sporadic locked posts about Real Life issues, now is the time to speak up - I'll friend again, I promise.

If anybody was just reading the fic, I still maintain an open-fic-posting-policy, which means that you haven't lost anything by not being on my friendslist.

Also, I'm declaring this de-friending amnesty week.

I've kept this journal for around six years now, and some of the folks on my friendslist have been there from the beginning. I've always been a sporadic commenter, and lately I've also been a sporadic poster.

In addition, when I started this journal, I was a OBHWF shipper, mostly-PG13 writer, one-fandom-fangirl, frequent-meme-poster, canon thumper and easily squicked.

And while there's still a soft spot in my heart for HP and OBHWF, I've moved on - to being a slasher, a writer of all ratings, a multifandom-fangirl with a deep and abiding love for crossovers and rare pairs, and a decided predilection for kink.

In short: I've moved on.

And if any of those on my friendslist feel that we have nothing in common anymore, and maybe we should just admit to it, now's the time to defriend - no hard feelings, I promise!

Of course, after six years (SIX YEARS, JESUS) I'm guessing that most of you are sticking around for a reason, that reason probably being that after six years one tends to know a person pretty well. So if you're staying, I promise to try to post more - this is all a part of my great master plan to start writing more :)


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