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There are days where things are brilliant.
There are days when things could be better.
There are days when things could be worse.
There are utter shit days.

And then there are days like today.

*breaks into the hard liquor*

Apparently, Mr. S is now up and walking around on his own, thank Christ. At the hospital, under the supervision of doctors, after being taken in the ambulance I called for him when he fell off the parallel bars during cleaning time.

Onto his face. At an angle that could easily have snapped his neck. And he couldn't move when I reached him - couldn't, in fact, feel anything below his neck.

It should be mentioned that Mr. S is my immediate superior. He's also 54 years old. Do not ask me what the hell he was doing on the parallel bars, I do not know. I suspect him of forgetting that he's 54 years old. He's that kind of guy.


And then I went and offered an extra pair of hands to M who was teaching a 6th grade English class on his own, with Mr. S in the hospital. 6th graders thought they could run the class. They were quite shocked when I made it clear to them that the English teacher runs the class, whoever the English teacher may be.

God, I'm glad I have tomorrow off.
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Here's a picture of today's lunch tray.

From General pics

I will write a 1000 word minimum fic for anyone who correctly guesses what's inside that dreaded breaded thing next to the salad.

No, really.


Dec. 13th, 2009 12:48 am
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I never post meme results. Ever. But this was just too good: )

In other news: I wasn't working this weekend. This does not mean I have the weekend off: I spent today baking - three types of cookies, an Icelandic layer cake, oatcakes and then I made candy, and I'm totally beat. Tomorrow I'm doing three or four loads of laundry and cleaning my room. Joy.

At least I had a lot of fun at yesterday's party, despite the exploding coke incident, and it's always nice to meet the Slash Girls. I'm thinking about having a party sometime before I leave for Japan - a sort of unbirthday, because I'm never in the freaking country on my birthday, seriously.

Now, going to go off and try to write. *pounds away at the keyboard*


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